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5 Random Facts About Sharks October 11, 2018

5 Random Facts About Sharks, ,

There’s nothing as exciting and adventurous as going on a cage dive with sharks. Being face-to-face with these often misunderstood creatures will surely change your perspective on their intimidating reputation. Here are five facts to give you more insight into sharks before you get in the water with them.

Don’t Cage Dive Until You Know These 5 Shark Facts

1. Sharks Are Older Than Dinosaurs

People tend to think of dinosaurs as the oldest creatures on Earth. However, sharks predate the dinosaurs by around 200 million years.

2. Shark Attack Numbers Are Low

Every year, the Florida Museum compiles their International Shark Attack File, including the Yearly Worldwide Shark Attack Summary. In 2017, they investigated 155 potential shark-human interactions and found only 88 were unprovoked shark attacks.

3. It’s Unclear How Many Sharks Exist

cage dive Haleiwa HISharks live in such diverse ecosystems, including deep in the ocean, that it’s difficult to know how many there are at any given time. The Smithsonian shared that scientists today have been using microscopic DNA found in the ocean, known as environmental DNA, to make more accurate estimates. 

4. Shark Week Is a Celebration

In 2018, the Discovery Channel hosted the 30th annual Shark Week. This 7-day event celebrates sharks of all species by sharing stories about encounters and attacks, along with tales of new research and survival tips for the rare incidents when humans and sharks interact. 

5. Sharks Don’t Have Bones

Bones would weigh sharks down, so instead their skeletons are made up of cartilaginous tissue, like what is inside your ears and nose. This lighter structure is found in skates and stingrays as well. 


If you’re interested in going on a cage dive to see sharks up close, join Hawaii Shark Encounters in Haleiwa. Their educational eco-tours provide the opportunity to learn about the 140 species of sharks, 40 of which reside around Hawaii. You’ll likely encounter the tiger, Galapagos, and sandbar species. Visit the website for information on their available cage dive tours and how they’re helping with shark conservation. Call (808) 351-9373 today to book your tour.

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