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3 Tips for Buying Quality Lumber October 12, 2018

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3 Tips for Buying Quality Lumber, Port Jervis, New York

Whether you’re purchasing lumber for a major upcoming construction job or just need some basic pieces for an at-home project, you must know how to identify quality products. Buying lumber is more than just selecting a piece of wood — many grading factors go into it that can impact how well it serves your purpose. Here, you’ll find key tips to keep in mind when you head to your local yard to make a purchase.

3 Tips for Buying the Best Lumber

1. Choose the Right Supplier

Where the wood comes from, how it’s transported, and how it’s stored can all impact its quality. If possible, go directly to the source — a local sawmill or hardwood center are usually best, especially if you’re purchasing for commercial purposes. Local home and hardware stores may still have quality products, but they may have been handled more, and the variety could be limited.

2. Know the Rating System

lumberLumber is graded by the National Hardwood Lumber Association’s scale. FAS is the highest quality with no defects. F1F will have one perfect side, and Select will have minor defects on one side. After, it’s rated as Common #1 and descends with the blemishes and quality gradually decreasing. Know what quality lumber you need going in so that you choose the appropriate boards.

3. Recognize Defects

If you don’t need perfect lumber, familiarize yourself with the different defects. Natural defects include cracks running with the grain, holes, and knots. In some cases, these can be problematic, and in others, they create an aesthetic that can increase the price. Boards can also be damaged during manufacturing with chips, stains, and other blemishes being the most recognizable issues.


Berthiaume’s Neversink Lumber is committed to providing quality lumber and home improvement supplies to residents of Port Jervis, NY. They carry various products — from plumbing supplies and paint to electrical and building materials; you’ll find everything needed for an upcoming project. Call (845) 856-5161 today to speak with their staff and visit them online to learn more about their products and services.

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