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The 8 Most-Asked Questions About the iPhone October 5, 2018

Bend, Deschutes
The 8 Most-Asked Questions About the iPhone, Bend, Oregon

Without question, the iPhone has dominated the cell phone market since its inception eleven years ago. Revolutionizing the industry with the “smartphone,” Apple products progressively evolve with new models released every September. With so many models of this phone still in circulation, it’s hard to distinguish which is which, what makes later versions superior, and what capabilities each has. For the newest Apple converts, here are some of the most-asked questions about this popular product. 

The Most Common Questions About the iPhone

What is the difference between the iPhone 7, 8, X, and XS?

The iPhone 7 and 8 are very similar, but the 8 has general improvements to the camera, screen, battery life, and processing power. The iPhone X was a large jump from previous incarnations for many reasons. For the first time, Apple got rid of the home button in favor of an edge-to-edge screen, as well as an OLED screen that offers more vivid contrast and longer battery life. The 8 and X also introduced wireless charging. The X now added facial recognition to Apple’s phone repertoire. As is standard with the jump from a new model to an ‘S’ model, the only differences between the X and the XS are improvements to the screen, camera, processing power, and battery life.

What’s the difference between the standard model and a Plus/Max model?

For iPhone 7 and 8, the Plus model has a larger screen and the dual camera, allowing for portrait mode capabilities that the standard model doesn’t have. The iPhone XS and XS Max are only different in screen size (the latter is larger), with the XS Max having a slight edge in battery life as well. 

Where is the home button on the iPhone X?

As mentioned previously, the home button has been removed from the phone entirely. Face ID replaces the function of Touch ID to unlock the phone (a keypad password is still also available), and different swiping gestures perform the same function of the home button. 

Is the Face ID function secure?

Apple claims that Face ID outdoes Touch ID as a security measure since it supposedly can’t be tricked by photos or similar-looking people to work. If you’re not comfortable with the setting, you can turn it off and use a passcode instead. 

Why does my screen drop down when I tap the home button sometimes?

Apple productsThis feature is called Reachability, which is accessed when you double tap the Home button. It is meant to facilitate the use of the phone with one hand by dropping the screen down to tap items higher up on the display. It’s a personal preference whether or not you find it useful, and it can be turned off at any time in Settings > General > Accessibility.

Does Apple have a charging mat for my iPhone X, Apple Watch, and AirPods?

While debuted at the 2017 Apple Keynote, their AirPower charging mat has not yet released or scheduled a release date. Other brands make charging mats that are compatible with Apple products with wireless charging, or you can stick to using the charging cables that come with the devices. 

Will AirPods work with my iPhone 6?

Yes. As long as your phone runs iOS 10 or later, they will work. This includes iPhone 5 models and later. 

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