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What Are Georgia’s Biggest Pest Control Problems? November 2, 2018

Statesboro, Bulloch
What Are Georgia’s Biggest Pest Control Problems?, Statesboro, Georgia

Your home is your fortress—but it doesn’t feel that way if insects or rodents invade. Taking prompt action will help you mitigate any damage, so it helps to know which pests are most likely to be a problem in your home. Here’s a closer look at some of Georgia’s biggest pest control nuisances.

Top 3 Pest Control Concerns in Georgia

1. Rats

Rats and mice are common pests in Georgia, and certain species can grow alarmingly large—the Norway rat can reach a foot in length. Rats will enter your home seeking food and shelter, burrowing along the foundation and even chewing through insulation and drywall to get inside. In addition to the potential for structural damage, rats spread several dangerous diseases. Sealing cracks in your foundation and roof, as well as keeping garbage away from the home, can help prevent an infestation.

2. Silverfish

pest controlThese teardrop-shaped, scaly insects may not pose health risks like other pests, but they can still cause problems in the home. Silverfish thrive in humid environments, where they often eat wallpaper, book bindings, and other paper products. In addition to damaging paper products, silverfish may also stain clothing or contaminate food when they try to nest in dark places.

3. Cockroaches

These notorious pests spread disease by carrying bacteria from dirty environments to your home. In Georgia, the large, dark brown Oriental cockroach is the most common invader. These roaches are attracted to dark, humid areas and often move inside during dry weather. And every Georgian fears the dreaded American cockroach, also known as a palmetto bug, because of its size—some are two inches long.

Using a dehumidifier, maintaining a clean environment, and repairing any leaks inside the house will help prevent future infestations. But if you see one, there could be more, so call your local pest control company if you want to be sure.


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