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3 Potential Reasons Your Ice Maker Isn’t Working October 12, 2018

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3 Potential Reasons Your Ice Maker Isn’t Working, Delhi, Ohio

Nothing is quite as refreshing as a drink of ice-cold water. Thanks to modern refrigerator designs, most people have access to freshly made ice at all times, without even having to fill a tray by hand. Several problems can impede an ice maker’s ability to function, however, creating a need for refrigerator repair

Need Refrigerator Repairs? Here’s Why Your Ice Maker May Not Be Working

Water Supply Issues

If your fridge has stopped producing ice, the first thing to check is whether there are any cubes in the mold. If the answer is no, then something has likely interrupted the unit’s connection to a water source. Make sure the supply line isn’t kinked behind the fridge. Also, inspect whether the ice tray’s fill tube is frozen. If it is, warm it up with a hairdryer until water flows freely once more.

Problems With the Release System

refrigerator repairIf there are ice cubes in the mold that simply aren’t coming out, then the release system is likely to blame. Heat is a vital component of this system; the cubes must be warmed up just enough to slide free. It’s possible that the small heater in charge of this function has broken, impeding the mold’s ability to release the cubes. There’s also a chance that the motor isn’t working. In either case, the best practice is to hire a refrigerator repair expert to get things running again.

Failure of Other Components

Your fridge needs a variety of other components to make ice, and when any of these go bad, the entire process will stop. The solenoid is one important piece; this is the part that connects the water line to the refrigerator. It’s possible that a broken wire has interrupted its access to a power source, in which case it won’t be able to function.


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