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5 Tips for More Efficient Laundromat Trips October 12, 2018

Lithonia, DeKalb
5 Tips for More Efficient Laundromat Trips, Lithonia, Georgia

It’s laundry day again. If your last trip to the laundromat was not as streamlined as you would have liked, there are plenty of steps you can take to make this visit as efficient and effective as possible. The right strategy saves time, money, and effort.

Top 5 Tips for Better Laundromat Visits

1. Don’t Let the Laundry Pile Up

The bigger the laundry pile, the more overwhelming laundry day will feel. Maintain a schedule of weekly and bi-weekly laundromat visits depending on your needs to save yourself serious time and hassle.

2. Separate Before You Go

laundromatSeparate your clothes before you arrive at the laundromat to save even more time. Use separate bags for light and dark-colored clothes, as well as any delicates. Combine as many items you know will not bleed. Don’t forget to check each washing machine for bleach before you start.

3. Shake Everything Out & Empty the Lint Trap

Prevent spending additional money on dryers by shaking all of your clothing out first, as balled-up clothes are difficult to dry and may come out wrinkled. Empty the lint trap before each drying session for further appliance efficiency.

4. Bring Things to Do

Bring work or an easily-portable project to do while you wait so you don’t feel like you are wasting your time sitting. You can also leave to do errands close to the laundromat so long as you remember when you put everything in the washers and dryers.

5. Invest in a Laundry Cart

Purchase a laundry cart to make hauling your clothes back and forth from the car a simple process. This is especially important if you separate your items beforehand, as you do not want to make three or five trips from your vehicle to the laundromat and vice-versa.


Take your clothes to Evans Mill Laundry, the self-service laundromat in Lithonia, GA, serving the Greater Atlanta area. The locally owned and operated service offers a warm and cozy environment, free wi-fi, folding tables, arcade games, and machines that accept debit and credit cards. Call (770) 484-9974 with any questions or visit the website for a complete list of services and amenities. Like the Facebook page for more helpful tips.

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