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3 Reasons Tree Service Is Crucial After a Storm October 11, 2018

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3 Reasons Tree Service Is Crucial After a Storm, Newburgh, New York

If you’ve recently experienced a storm at your home, you’re probably concerned about the state of your lawn and garden. When a storm damages trees on your property, your home and vehicle may be at risk, and damage can also occur to your neighbor’s property. That’s why seeking professional tree service after a storm is highly recommended, as illustrated by this guide.

3 Benefits of Tree Service After a Storm Hits

1. Debris Can Damage Your Lawn

You likely put a lot of effort into your lawn and garden. As a result, it’s crucial that you clear all debris as soon as possible, as failure to do so could have a detrimental impact. Items like leaves and branches block the sun and wind from drying out your yard, which may be water-logged after heavy rain. Debris can also damage shrubs and bushes when left to linger; the sooner you seek service, the better.

2. Damaged Trees Require Professional Treatment

Tree ServiceAlong with removing any toppled trees, you’ll also need professional tree care to deal with damaged ones. In some cases, a little trimming may be able to salvage your trees, while more extensive damage could call for tree removal. Damaged trees entail a risk of dropping branches, which can cause even more damage to your property as well as your neighbors. Falling branches may also cause serious injury to your family and others, so it’s essential these issues are addressed immediately.

3. Your Drainage System May Be Affected

Underground plumbing can be impacted by tree roots. Accordingly, if a tree is pulled up by high wind and storm conditions, your drainage system could be affected. Before contacting a plumber, it will be necessary to have uprooted trees and other debris cleared from your yard. Additionally, it’s essential that this clearing takes place soon after a storm, as a failed plumbing system can be highly inconvenient. In this case, look for a company that offers emergency tree service.


With harsh winter weather just around the corner in Newburgh, NY, now is the perfect time to call 4 Seasons Tree Service. They can help you prepare for storms by trimming your trees, which will prevent fallen limbs and branches from causing damage. They also offer tree removal for any dead or dying trees, which pose quite a serious hazard when uprooted. They also offer emergency service in the event of an after-hours issue. Take advantage of over two decades of experience by calling (845) 565-8600 today. If you’d like more information on all the available tree services, feel free to visit the website.

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