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4 Signs Your HVAC System Isn’t Right for Your Home October 11, 2018

Sylvania, Lucas
4 Signs Your HVAC System Isn’t Right for Your Home , Sylvania, Ohio

Maintaining the comfort of your home is essential during the colder months of the year. However, an HVAC system that’s not properly sized for the structure could make this task more difficult than it has to be. The best way to determine whether or not to schedule a new HVAC installation is by becoming familiar with the four signs that indicate the current unit might not be sufficient.

4 Signs Your HVAC System Isn’t the Right Size

1. Fluctuating Temperatures

HVAC installationIndoor temperatures that constantly waver should cause you to check the thermostat. Setting this a little too high could cause the system to continuously turn on and off to maintain the optimal temperature without actually achieving any level of comfort. If this isn’t the problem, then it’s most likely that the room is too big for the unit to handle.

2. Unexpected Costs

HVAC systems that are unable to maintain a consistent temperature tend to increase energy bills. This is due to the excessive amount of energy these units use to either switch on and off or keep running in the hopes of getting the room to reach the requested temperature. If you happen to notice an unexpected total in the next bill, meet with an HVAC installation expert to discuss your options.

3. Uncomfortable Humidity

High levels of humidity aren’t something you should have to deal with when there’s a quality HVAC system in the home. These products are made to control the level of moisture that’s in the air and can reduce it to maintain a comfortable atmosphere. Those that are improperly sized will have a harder time keeping up and could leave air feeling heavy and damp.

4. Frequent Maintenance

If you find yourself calling for service more often than usual, it’s probably time to begin considering a new HVAC installation. Units that aren’t proportionate to the home they’re in will gradually overwork themselves and cause individual components to wear out prematurely. Have a heating contractor perform a full inspection to determine if this is the issue.


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