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USCIS Issues Revisions for Form G-28 October 25, 2018

Financial District, Manhattan
USCIS Issues Revisions for Form G-28, Manhattan, New York

Hiring an immigration attorney will dramatically improve your chances of navigating an extremely complex, often confusing legal and regulatory system. In addition to providing guidance and explanation, your lawyer will also have access to your immigration file and correspond directly with USCIS on your behalf, which requires access to sensitive information. In September, USCIS released an updated version of Form G-28, which notifies the government that a particular immigration attorney will be helping with your case.

USCIS Updates Form G-28

Geographical Requirement for Original Notice Removed

immigration attorneyThe only significant change to Form G-28 is the removal of the provision requiring that all original notices be sent to a U.S. address. All other elements will remain the same, but it’s in your best interest to use the most current forms available. The revised forms will feature a publication date of 09/17/2018, found on the bottom of the document.

Extended Grace Period for Outdated Forms

USCIS understands that some petitions may have already been in progress when the updated documents were released, so they will continue to accept outdated forms until November 19th, 2018. After that date, any forms with a publication date of 5/05/16 or 03/04/15 will be rejected. If you’re signing a G-28 with an immigration attorney or nonprofit legal aid center, be sure it is dated 09/17/18 or 05/23/18.

Who Needs to File Form G-28?

Anyone hiring an immigration attorney to represent them in any matter should sign a Form G-28, which will be in effect until the conclusion of your case. Keep in mind that USCIS requires a new Form G-28 for each matter, so if you wish to switch visa programs or file an appeal on a previously closed issue, you will have to file a new form even if you are using the same attorney.


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