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Stop Your Oil Furnace Fuel Oil From Freezing! June 19, 2015

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Stop Your Oil Furnace Fuel Oil From Freezing! , Ledyard, Connecticut

Having a ready supply of fuel oil is imperative to keeping your property and water warm. When temperatures dip below freezing, however, heating oil can start to gel or transform into a soft wax. While it does not actually freeze, oil that has changed into a gel/wax is nonetheless frustrating. Andersen Oil Company, a heating oil delivery company serving the Groton, Mystic, and Norwich areas, reminds you that there are a few things you can do to prevent the nuisance of gelling fuel oil.

  • Install your oil filter indoors. Oil filters located outside are obviously more prone to the whims of Mother Nature. If you can have a new filter fitting installed inside, just move the filter materials from their old outdoor home to their new indoor home. This is a relatively easy step that can help you preserve your fuel oil.
  • Wrap weather-resistant insulation around your fuel lines. Keep those fuel lines as toasty warm as possible when the temperatures hit or drop below the freezing mark. Get insulation that does not absorb moisture, and seal up any cracks, fissures, or spaces once the insulation is in place.
  • Consider adding kerosene to your fuel tank. This option is a bit more costly, but kerosene will lower the freezing point of your fuel oil. Kerosene usually mixes well with most oil furnaces, but check with your home heating oil delivery service before adding it just to make sure.

When you need oil delivery you can count on, trust Andersen Oil Company. They offer prompt service, competitive heating oil prices, and superior customer care. Call (860) 464-7628 today to schedule your next oil drop-off.

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