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5 Unique Additions That Will Make Your Bouquet Shine October 11, 2018

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5 Unique Additions That Will Make Your Bouquet Shine, Port Jervis, New York

From catering to the decorations, every part of the wedding is handpicked by you and your beloved. The bouquet is also an opportunity for unique expression. There are many ways to make flower arrangements stand out from the standard bunch. If you want something memorable that will wow your guests, consider adding the following items.  

How to Make Your Bouquet Stand Out

1. Gemstones

Make the flower arrangements sparkle by adding some gems. Emeralds, sapphires, diamonds, and strings of pearls will add a luxurious feel to the bouquet. Choose gemstones that match your theme or have meaning to you. Either way, they’ll add a special glimmer and decadence to your special day.

2. Feathers

Depending on their color, size, and shape, feathers can range from elegant to extravagant. If your wedding theme fits somewhere in between, the addition will spruce up your flowers. Spread wispy white ones throughout, or pick a few striking statement plumes.

3. Succulents

flower arrangementsBecause of their hardiness, longevity, variety, and beauty, succulents have become a popular houseplant in recent years. These features make them ideal for flower arrangements. When you incorporate a colorful mix into your bouquet, you have the benefit of keeping them long afterward. Their endurance will be a testament to the love between you and your future spouse.

4. Berries

For a wild and natural touch, add a few berry sprays to the bunch. While real ones bring a fresh, aromatic flavor to flower bouquets, they can ruin your wardrobe if crushed. To avoid the mess, as well as hungry bugs if your wedding is outdoors, choose artificial sprigs.

5. Lantern

Lanterns have a dramatic effect on weddings, often contributing a mystical, romantic quality. They come in many different colors, materials, and shapes, so you can personalize them to suit the theme. When draped with greenery and wildflowers, they make remarkable arrangements.


Laurel Grove Florist of Orange County, NY, will assist you in creating the wedding bouquet of your dreams. With complete customization, a variety of fresh flower options, and a greenhouse stocked with exotic tropical plants, your choices are endless. Your input will help their expert designers create stunning flower arrangements you’ll love. Call (845) 856-3623 to get in touch with this florist today. To get a sense of what they have to offer, visit their website.

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