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3 Halloween Safety Tips for Cats & Dogs October 11, 2018

Moanalua, Honolulu
3 Halloween Safety Tips for Cats & Dogs, Honolulu, Hawaii

With Halloween on the horizon, everyone is busy setting up decorations and creating costumes. As you prepare for October 31, don’t forget your four-legged family members. Cats and dogs face some risks during the holiday and require a bit of extra care. Follow these pet care tips to keep them safe.

3 Halloween Pet Care Precautions 

1. Stash Sweet Treats

Halloween candy isn’t healthy for pets, and some types can cause them real harm. Chocolate is the main culprit. Cats and dogs can’t digest theobromines—a caffeine-like substance found in chocolate—like people can. This leads to chocolate toxicity, which can cause dangerous and even fatal symptoms, including elevated heart rate, dehydration, and seizures. 

2. Choose Decorations Wisely

pet careDon’t use real candles for Halloween decorations; battery-operated tea lights will do just as well for illuminating your jack-o-lantern. When it comes to decorating your pet, steer clear of costumes that could interfere with their movement, vision, or breathing. In general, it’s best to leave pets free and save the dressing up for humans.

3. Keep Animals Inside

Halloween is prime time for kids looking to pull pranks. Some of these could pose a threat to your pet—for instance, if they involve firecrackers. Err on the side of caution and keep your furry friend indoors on October 31. If you’re expecting trick-or-treaters, keep your pet locked in a separate room inside, so they can’t make a dash for the door. If you’re having a party, put them up at a pet care boarding facility where they can relax away from the hubbub.


If your cat or dog needs a place to stay during the Halloween festivities, bring them to Furever Friends. They were recently recognized as Honolulu’s best pet sitter and boarding facility in the Star Advertiser’s 2018 People’s Choice Awards. Your cat or dog will feel at home in their safe and open environment. Check their availability and make a pet care booking online. If you have any questions about their dog or cat sitting services, call (808) 845-7297.  

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