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The Top 3 Warmup Stretches for Athletes November 2, 2018

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The Top 3 Warmup Stretches for Athletes, Edgewood, Ohio

As an enthusiastic athlete, you may want to jump into your favorite activity as soon as you get the chance. However, whether you love to run, swim, or play tennis, it’s crucial to warm up before getting started. In addition to gathering your sports equipment, filling up your water bottle, and heading to your field, pool, or facility, add the following warmup stretches to your pre-workout routine.

The Best Stretches to Warmup With Before Working Out

1. Lunge While Twisting

While static stretching—stretching a muscle while staying still—was once considered the norm and expected of athletes, today’s professionals suggest dynamic stretching (stretching while moving) for the best results. To start, step forward into a lunge while twisting towards whichever leg is front, alternating legs. This is an excellent way to improve circulation throughout the entire body while warming up the muscles in the legs and back.

2. T Pushups

sports equipmentThose who use their upper body to throw, catch, swing, or otherwise handle sports equipment should warm up with chest, shoulders, and back. Hone in on your upper body muscles by getting on the ground and assuming a push-up position. Lower yourself to the ground while engaging your core. As you come up, extend one arm without moving the rest of your body. Alternate your arms with each pushup for a full-body dynamic warmup.

3. Walking Kicks

This dynamic warmup stretch will release tension in your arms and legs at the same time. As you take steps forward, kick up each leg, and raise the opposite arm, so your toes touch your palm. If you’re kicking with the left leg, your right arm should be extended parallel to the ground.


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