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5 Common Reasons You Need Plumbing Repair October 16, 2018

Pine Grove, Amador
5 Common Reasons You Need Plumbing Repair, Pine Grove, California

Most situations that call for a visit from a plumber fall into a few basic categories, including problems with the water pipes and the sewer lines. When you call, you should identify which of these problems you’re having, so the plumber can come prepared to make the right plumbing repairs. Here are the five most common reasons repairs are necessary.

Why You Need a Plumbing Repair

1. Clogs

Whether it’s a clogged toilet, a slow drain, or a backed-up sewer, clogs are inevitable whenever too much debris goes down a drain. Depending on the severity of the clogged toilet or drain, you may be able to handle the situation yourself or you may need emergency service.

2. Water Leaks

Plumbing RepairA leaking pipe leads to eventual water damage and costs you money due to the water lost. Any pipe leak of significant volume is a good reason to call an emergency plumber.

3. Drips

A dripping faucet is not an emergency—but it can still cost you money over time, so it should be handled promptly. A drop every second is over 2,000 gallons per year—enough to show up on the water bill.

4. Low Water Pressure

This doesn’t create an emergency or cause damage to the home, but it is still annoying to deal with from day to day. Low water pressure throughout the home means not enough water is getting from your water source to the faucet or showerhead, so the plumber will install a pressure booster to combat the problem.

5. Running Toilet

If the toilet won’t stop running, there may be a simple problem with the handle, chain, or float inside the tank that you can fix, or there may be a broken seal involved, which requires a professional. If the toilet is overflowing, shut off the water source and call for emergency service.


If you need emergency plumbing repairs in Sutter Creek, CA, call Amador Plumbing. Serving Amador County for over 20 years, they offer the largest staff in the area and years of plumbing experience. They have developed a reputation for fast, skilled service. To arrange a visit, call (209) 223-2204 or send a message online.

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