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3 Features to Enhance Your New Garage Door October 22, 2018

Yonkers, Westchester
3 Features to Enhance Your New Garage Door, Yonkers, New York

A new garage door can instantly boost the functional and aesthetic appeal of your property. Whether you invested in a metal, wooden, or vinyl garage door, you can add even more value by adding a few key features. The following three additions will be sure to beautify your new door. 

3 Ways to Improve Your Garage Door

1. Sconces

Adequate lighting around your garage door is key for both safety and aesthetic reasons. Lighting can help you see clearly when you pull into the driveway and ensures you don’t trip over objects in the dark. Sufficient lighting will also deter intruders by illuminating the area.

garage doorSconce lighting is one of the most popular choices for garage lighting. These lights may be installed on either side of the doors or above them. Whether you choose a rustic style or ornate design, sconces can also add visual interest to your garage door. Before you install your sconces, determine the precise effect you hope to achieve. There are vintage, contemporary, and intricate styles to suit every taste.

2. Pergola

Installing a small pergola or trellis above your garage door can add farmhouse charm to your space. Typically made of wood, these designs offer a bit of protective shade as well as instant sophistication. These structures also provide the perfect place for growing vines and flowers.

3. Plants

Planting shrubs, small trees, or other plants around your garage door can liven up the area and create a streamlined look with the rest of your property. You can plant small bushes around either side of each door; you can also place potted plants where you see fit. Just like the rest of your landscape, adding greenery around your new garage door can bolster your property’s curb appeal.


If you’re in the market for a new garage door or accessories, consult the experts. Since 1954, the team from United Overhead Doors in Yonkers has provided beautiful commercial and residential garage doors to the Westchester County, New York area. To learn more about bringing your custom garage door vision to life, visit the business online or call today at (914) 964-0038.

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