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How to Add Pops of Color to a Room October 11, 2018

Upper East Side, Manhattan
How to Add Pops of Color to a Room, Manhattan, New York

A lot can be said for a classic interior design scheme — a monochromatic or tonal palette can tie a room together with timeless sophistication. However, it’s also easy to get lost in a wash of one hue or end up with something that looks more like a photography studio than a welcoming home. To make the most of your home improvement efforts, use these ideas to add pops of color to a room.

3 Inspiring Ways to Add Pops of Color to a Room

1. Area Rugs

Whether you’re hard at work on decorating a living room, bedroom, or dining room, you can add a lot of life to a room with hard flooring by adding an area rug. If the room is dressed head-to-toe in beige or white, go with a patterned rug in deep red or green to add depth to the area. Also, place the rug in an area where people will most likely use it — such as in front of the couch or beneath the dining table. The bold pattern will draw their eye to the focal point of the room in addition to offering a soft place to rest their feet.

2. Window Trim

home improvementIf you’re attached to your current furnishings, you can always add color to the perimeter of the room. Simply paint the wood trim around your windows or doors to anchor the space and add visual interest. By drawing the eye outward, this unique home improvement may even make the room look bigger.

3. Pillows & Throws

For an easy addition that you can change according to the season, reserve your pops of color to small, mobile pieces like pillows and throw blankets. Adding a blue cushion to your neutral couch or a yellow blanket to your grey bedroom is both quick and inexpensive. As the holidays come around, you can switch from summery shades to warm orange, bright reds, or metallic hues.


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