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3 Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal November 2, 2018

3 Benefits of Permanent Hair Removal, ,

Most people's day-to-do lives involve doing a lot of maintenance work—tidying up the house, topping up the gas tank, working out at the gym. So it shouldn't be surprising that the average woman spends four minutes six times a week—72 days over a lifetime—shaving, according to a British poll. While the numbers for men aren't quite as large, any aspect of your routine which you do consistently adds up over time. Consider taking those 72 days back--with permanent hair removal. Here are three of its many benefits.

Reasons You’ll Love Permanent Hair Removal

1. No Need to Spend Money on Razors

In addition to the inconvenience, people can spend hundreds of dollars a year on hair removal products, including razors, shaving creams, replacement blades, and waxing treatments. Not to mention, the extra cost added to your utility bill from taking extra-long showers to shave. By not using and throwing away disposable razors, and by saving water, you'll also be helping the environment.

2. No More Razor Burn or Bikini Bumps

permanent hair removal Flower Mound TXShaving isn’t always kind to skin. Many people struggle with razor burn, cuts or bikini bumps that are itchy and unsightly. You can avoid these unfortunate side effects by opting for permanent hair removal. You’ll never again have to avoid deodorant for a few days to allow your underarms to heal or skip lotion to keep your legs from burning.

3. Speedy Removal

In order to wax hair off, you have to wait until the strands are a certain length, which might not align with your personal preferences. You can skip this awkward in-between period, now and forever, by ensuring your hair doesn't grow back in the first place.


Whether you want to skip painful underarm bumps or feel smooth and sexy all the time, make an appointment with Hair Today Gone Tomorrow in Denton County, TX. Their effective permanent hair removal methods will stop you from worrying if you have time to shave. To learn about their free consultations and get 25% off your first hour of a service, call (682) 593-1442, or visit their website for information.