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3 Telltale Signs of a Failing Septic System November 22, 2018

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3 Telltale Signs of a Failing Septic System, Corbin, Kentucky

Common in rural areas, septic systems are an alternative to municipal sewers. Because septic systems process household waste, when they fail, the health and functionality of your home are at risk. Protect your family and property by learning to recognize these common signs of system malfunction and seeking professional help quickly. 

How to Identify Septic Failure 

1. Well Water Contamination

Septic systems are typically installed as far away from water wells as possible to avoid contamination. Even so, septic systems can pose risks if they’re damaged. Annual well water testing ensures the water in your home is clean and healthy. If your most recent water test shows high levels of bacteria and nitrates, look to your septic system. Tanks overloaded with solid waste eventually crack and leak. If the leak has spread to groundwater, this means your tank likely cracked some time ago. 

2. Plumbing Backups

septic systemAnother clear sign of an overwhelmed or damaged septic tank is plumbing backups in the home. As tanks fill with sludge, they no longer accommodate incoming liquid and solid waste, causing wastewater and sewage to travel back through household plumbing. Raw sewage contains countless bacterial strains, gases, and other contaminants. You may notice sewer odors in your home and around the tank prior to plumbing backup issues.

3. Saturated Drain Fields

Overtaxed or failing septic systems also create saturated drain or leach fields, leading to puddles of wastewater in your yard. Excessive water use, compacted soil from heavy vehicles parked on top of or near subterranean tanks, and pipes clogged with waste or tree roots all contribute to saturation. Lush grass often appears over soaked drain fields because of the extra nitrate and bacteria content.


Whether your system’s in trouble or you want to schedule routine septic servicing to avert problems, contact the reliable professionals at Cox’s Septic Service. This company handles septic issues of all types for residential and commercial clients in Corbin and the rest of McCreary County, KY. Call (606) 528-­4782 today to schedule septic tank pumping or visit the website for additional service information.

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