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Is a Cracked Windshield Safe? October 11, 2018

West Plains, Howell
Is a Cracked Windshield Safe?, West Plains, Missouri

Minor chips and breaks in your windshield may not seem like an automotive emergency, but you do need to ask yourself how safe it actually is. Several factors play into if it’s fine to drive with a cracked windshield, though ultimately, you should never delay a replacement. It only takes one strike from another object to completely shatter it, which can have serious consequences if you’re on the road.

How to Determine if a Cracked Windshield Is Safe

1. Length & Spreading

Smaller cracks aren’t usually a cause for concern, though they still need to be replaced. Longer cracks often are illegal to drive with and will earn you a ticket. If the crack has spread or is continuing to spread, get a replacement, and consider a service that will come to your home so you won’t have to drive.

2. Amount of Damage

A minor cracked windshieldcoin-sized chip from a rock or other debris is safe to drive with so long as further cracking doesn’t result. Larger spiderweb-like breaks are an extreme safety hazard, as the slightest force could cause it to shatter. Again, many windshield repair professionals offer house calls and can address the issue there so you can avoid driving.

3. Placement

Cracks can become an obstruction, so anything located on the driver’s side of the windshield warrants a replacement for both your and other motorists’ safety. Even small chips can expand over time, and it only takes a second of distraction to cause a serious accident.


When it comes to a cracked windshield, it’s best to play it safe, so turn to MO-Ark Glass—West Plain, MO’s most trusted service. With over 30 years of experience, they can help with all your auto glass and residential window needs and also offer blinds from premium brands to help beautify your home. Call (417) 257-2040 today to schedule a window replacement or to speak with their friendly staff.

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