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Why Choose After-School Care for Your Kids? November 8, 2018

St. Peters, St. Charles
Why Choose After-School Care for Your Kids?, St. Peters, Missouri

Sending your child to a learning center in the afternoons is a fantastic way to round out the school days. From keeping their minds active to giving you more family time together, there are so many reasons why after-school care is worthwhile. Here are a few notable perks.

What Are the Benefits of After-School Care?

1. Focused Learning

After-school care provides your children with the opportunity to continue learning in a more intimate environment. During the days, they may not have as much one-on-one time with their teachers or mentors. However, when you send them to a learning center, an experienced educator will provide hands-on assistance with homework, answer their questions, and help them improve in any areas of concern. 

2. Stay Mentally Engaged

after school careThere’s no reason why learning has to end as soon as your children leave school. After-school care will help your kids retain and process everything they’ve studied over the course of the day. They’ll stay mentally engaged with fun and educational activities, games, and enrichment classes. They’ll also develop important social skills by interacting with their peers and making new friends. 

3. Manage Your Time

After-school care takes some of the burden off you as a parent. While your kids are at a learning center, use those extra hours to run errands, clean up around the house, or make a delicious dinner. After school care ultimately provides you with more quality time to spend with your family. Take the opportunity to connect with your children, ask them about their day, and show an active interest.


Enrich your kids and create more family time by enrolling them in after-school care at Great Beginnings. They also offer infant and toddler care, preschool, and summer programs to children throughout the St. Charles, MO community. Call them at (636) 724-5048 today to speak to a welcoming staff member about scheduling opportunities. Visit them online to fill out an application and learn more about their many services. 

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