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What Fresh Flowers & Plants Match My Home Design?  October 10, 2018

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What Fresh Flowers & Plants Match My Home Design? , Lakeville, Connecticut

Almost everyone appreciates the way fresh flowers and floral arrangements enhance home interiors, adding a sense of taste and beauty to any room. People are less sure about what types of plants and flowers work best for their home's aesthetic. Interior designs can vary dramatically, from art deco and mid-century modern to minimalism and beach house, and not all flowers work for all these home styles. Here's a quick primer on which plants and flowers fit best with which home styles. 

Flower & Plant Matches for Different Home Designs

Rosesfresh flowers

Roses are vibrant and attention-grabbing, and their loud, look-at-me style doesn’t work in every home. But if you've embraced an art deco look, with gold wallpaper, chandeliers, and large art pieces, roses will fit just fine with the rest of the colorful, playful, and bold decor. 


Minimalist homes are clean, simple, and spare, rejecting clutter and tchotchkes. They also typically embrace subtle colors like white, beige, and gray. Nothing suits this sense of organization and restraint like orchids, which radiate subdued beauty. 

Large Plants

Larger indoor plants like the Yucca, Philodendron, and Kentia palm benefit from a background that is subtle without being dull. Mid-century modern home design, with its emphasis on wood, clean lines, and a variety of muted colors, offers the perfect backdrop for these plants.


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