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3 Best Password Practices to Bolster Your Company’s Cybersecurity October 11, 2018

East Northport, Suffolk County
3 Best Password Practices to Bolster Your Company’s Cybersecurity, East Northport, New York

In the modern age, corporations must be vigilant to protect themselves and their data from outside breaches. Without a clear system in place for generating safe passwords and keeping them secure, there is always a chance that hackers will gain access to sensitive information. Here is a list of the best cybersecurity practices to help employees use passwords safely.

Cybersecurity Tips for Passwords

1. Require a High Complexity Password

People commonly create overly predictable passwords. For instance, they choose their hometown, dog’s name, or the year they were born. Such information is easy to guess. Companies should mandate that options have a certain degree of complexity, such as by using numbers, upper and lower case letters, and special characters. 

2. Avoid Repeated Passwords

cybersecurityAdvise your employees against using the same password more than once. Even if complex, relying on it for many websites or apps increases its exposure. If a hacker gains access to any of those portals, all your passwords will be instantly compromised. Keep each one unique to avoid this problem. 

3. Lock Accounts After Too Many Guesses

On the back end, program a rule that thwarts any attempts at guessing. If someone has tried more than eight or so times to get into an account, the system should immediately lock them out until the user confirms their identity with a second-factor authentication, like a phone code. While it’s reasonable to give your employees a few tries if they happen to forget part of the password, it’s wise not to leave the number of chances unlimited. 


For help keeping your passwords protected, consult with the team at Network Solutions & Technology in East Northport, NY. Also serving the surrounding Metro area, the first step would be a network assessment to identify any vulnerabilities and make suggestions on recommended remediation. They’re available to modernize your platforms with services like secure cloud computing. To start a conversation about your cybersecurity needs and goals, call (877) 678-8080 today. Visit the company’s website for more details about them. 

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