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How to Throw Away an Old Mattress November 22, 2018

Brownsville, Brooklyn
How to Throw Away an Old Mattress, Brooklyn, New York

Mattresses typically last about seven to 10 years. After that, many people start looking for a replacement. In all, up to 20 million mattresses are disposed of each year in the U.S. and Canada. So, when your mattress reaches the end of its useful life, how do you go about getting rid of it? Here is how to correctly throw away an old mattress.

A Guide to Disposing of an Old Mattress

Check Your Warranty

Some mattress warranties will include free disposal services or buy-back programs. Additionally, if you’re replacing your old mattress, consult the new bed’s warranty; many companies will take your old mattress off your hands when delivering the new one.

Visit a Recycling Center

mattressUp to 90 percent of mattress parts can be recycled, but not every recycling center accepts mattresses because of the labor required to break them down to those recyclable parts. Call ahead of time to find out whether any near you can take the old mattress off your hands. Generally, junkyards and recycling centers can use the steel coils inside the mattress — most beds contain hundreds — as well as metal parts from the box spring.

Call a Junk Removal Service

For a fee, junk removal services will come to your home and haul away your old mattress. There are local and national junk removal businesses, and they vary regarding how they dispose of their junk — recycling, reselling, and landfilling. Junk removal companies relieve you of having to dispose of the mattress yourself and thus eliminate the chances that you’ll hurt your back or run into trouble fitting the mattress in your car — just two of the potential risks associated with getting rid of a bed on your own.


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