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Why Sensory Play Should Be Part of Your Child’s Development October 26, 2018

New York, Richmond
Why Sensory Play Should Be Part of Your Child’s Development, New York, New York

When young children are just starting to figure out the world around them, they rely heavily on their senses. Having them engage in sensory play, such as activities like music lessons or art classes, is important for developing mentally and physically. Below are just a few of the ways these activities can be beneficial.

3 Reasons Why Sensory Play Is Important for Young Kids

1. Enhances Learning & Problem-Solving Skills

As kids engage in sensory play, they begin to form neural links in their brain that help them better use their senses. These pathways help kids grasp more complex skills later on, including creative problem-solving.

2. Supports Language Development & Motor Skills

music lessonsThe more kids play and explore their surroundings, the better they can talk about it. For instance, in music lessons, they learn how to differentiate the sounds they hear from the instruments playing them. They also start to develop motor coordination as they begin to dance along in step with the music.

3. Improves Social & Emotional Development

Sensory play practiced in group settings helps with basic social cues, which those learning in isolation or a solely academic setting might have more trouble grasping. Music lessons, for instance, encourage children to take turns listening to others and practice how to dance and sing as a group. This prepares them for working in groups as they get older and engaging with others without resorting to fits or tantrums when they are not getting their way. 


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