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3 Benefits of Raising Your Tree Canopy October 8, 2018

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3 Benefits of Raising Your Tree Canopy, Henrietta, New York

The trees on your property offer shade, beauty, and a natural habitat for various wildlife. They consist of several components, including the limbs, trunk, roots, and canopy, which are the topmost leaves and branches that provide shady cover. In addition to engaging in regular tree trimming to keep them healthy, you may want to consider raising the canopy for the following reasons.

Why You Should Ask a Tree Trimming Expert to Raise the Canopy

1. Get More Shade

If you’re seeking more shade for comfort reasons, having a professional lift the canopy will help. Through this action, they will increase the amount of cover provided by the topmost branches. This, in turn, will keep people who are under the leafy tree more comfortable, as well as reduce the temperature of nearby heat-absorbing surfaces, like blacktop.

2. Clean the Air

tree trimmingYou know trees are responsible for removing carbon dioxide from the air and producing oxygen, just like all plants. But did you know they also purify the surrounding air? The foliage on your property also absorbs contaminants that you would otherwise breathe in, like nitrogen dioxide and carbon monoxide. When a professional lifts the canopy, they’ll increase the surface area of the tree and the amount of toxins it can take in.

3. Save Money

You might be surprised to learn a raised canopy can positively impact your wallet. By offering more shade, trees that are near buildings will shield the interior of the structure and reduce the need to run the air conditioner. Similarly, by removing more toxins, trees will keep you healthier, lessening toxin-related respiratory issues.


Raising a canopy is a difficult task that should be left only to a tree trimming professional. Terry Tree Service, LLC in Rochester, NY, offers tree trimming, land clearing, and stump removal, among other services. They are available around-the-clock to help with emergencies as well. To learn more about their services, call (585) 436-2900 or visit them online

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