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3 Ways to Prepare Your Dog for a Kennel Stay October 24, 2018

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3 Ways to Prepare Your Dog for a Kennel Stay, Sanford, North Carolina

Unfortunately, it's not always possible to bring your beloved pup with you on vacation. If there won't be anyone home and you can't find a sitter, you might need to leave your dog at a professional kennel for the duration of your trip. The following are a few tried and true ways to prepare for the stay so that it's less stressful for you and your companion.

How to Get Your Dog Ready for the Kennel

1. Bring Them for a Visit

After touring dog boarding facilities yourself and selecting one, bring your pup for a visit. This will help them get used to the smells and noises and allow them to meet the staff members. When your dog returns for their stay, they will have someone familiar there to greet them, which will be comforting.

2. Get Them Vaccinated

kennelFor safety purposes, many facilities will refuse to board dogs that have not received certain vaccinations. To ensure a last-minute denial doesn't happen to you, contact the kennel beforehand and ask what they require. If you're not sure which immunizations your pooch has received, you can always write down a list of what's necessary and ask your vet to go over it with you.

3. Send Their Food

While the boarding facility may offer to give your dog the food they buy, it's best to bring what your pup eats at home. This will provide them with a sense of continuity while also preventing stomach issues, which might occur due to stress or from eating an unfamiliar brand. Pack enough for an extra day just in case so your dog doesn't run out.


When you go out of town, you want to rest assured your pup is in good, caring hands. Sanford, NC, residents look no further than Carolina Veterinary Hospital, P.A. For over 40 years, they have offered a top-quality kennel in addition to cutting-edge medical services for area pets. To learn more about their offerings, call (919) 258-3349 or visit their website today.

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