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The Importance of Eyelid Health October 15, 2018

Cincinnati, Hamilton
The Importance of Eyelid Health , Cincinnati, Ohio

During your routine exam, the eye doctor will carefully examine your eyelids for any issues. Just like your tear ducts, the eyelids may become susceptible to certain infections and conditions. To maintain excellent eyelid health, keep the following eye care information in mind.

Common Eyelid Issues

Common eyelid conditions include styes, allergies, and twitching. Styes are slightly uncomfortable or painful swollen lumps that typically occur near the eyelashes on the eyelid. They typically develop due to bacteria and will dissipate on their own within about a week. If they don’t, you should always talk to your eye doctor.

Other people suffer from eyelid allergies due to pollen, dust, dirt, or dander. These allergies may be treated with support from doctor-prescribed or over-the-counter medication. Twitching may occur due to a lack of sleep or stress. If increased sleep doesn’t resolve the issue, patients should talk to their eye doctor.

Eyelid Conditions Requiring Medical Support

eye doctorMore serious eyelid disorders include chalazia, blepharitis, and basal carcinoma. Blepharitis is characterized by flakiness and puffiness around the eyelids and should be treated by an eye doctor. Chalazia are firm bumps that develop on the eyelid due to gland blockages; in some cases, a doctor may need to treat a chalazion with minor surgery. Those with basal cell carcinoma, a type of eyelid cancer, may notice small nodules or ulcers on the lower eyelids or eyelash loss. The cancer can be treated with help from surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation.

What to Know About Eyelid Care

To maintain healthy eyelids, avoid touching your eyes until you wash your hands. You should also gently wash your eyelids each day with a mild face cleanser that does not harm the eyes, such as a Cetaphil®. If you wear contacts, replace them as directed by your eye doctor. If you wear makeup, avoid keeping eye products past their shelf life. You should also sanitize eyelash curlers, mascara wands, and eyeliners on a regular basis.


Maintain healthy eyes and eyelids when you visit Hamilton County’s trusted eye doctors. The professionals from Wing Eyecare in Cincinnati, OH, and Crescent Springs, KY, strive to help patients receive the education and support they need for complete eye health. For more information about the practice, visit the website. If you would like to schedule an eye exam, call (888) 274-9464 today.

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