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3 DIY "Fixes" to Avoid When Your Key Breaks in a Lock October 16, 2018

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3 DIY "Fixes" to Avoid When Your Key Breaks in a Lock, Terryville, New York

Whether it’s for your front door, file cabinet, or car ignition, breaking a key in a lock is aggravating, especially if you’re in a rush. Don’t be tempted to fix the problem yourself, as many DIY hacks will make the problem worse and cause further delays. Skip these three common DIY repairs –  it’s easier, safer, and often faster to call for a locksmith instead. 

3 Methods Not to Use When Your Key Breaks in the Lock

1. The Tweezer Tactic

Some people think that they can use a pair of tweezers to pull the broken piece out. However, most tweezers are either too thick or too short for the job. Even if you have a tweezer that seems like it would fit, you risk making matters worse by pushing the key deeper into the lock. Save time and effort by calling a locksmith offering emergency service instead. 

2. Wire & Gluelocksmith

This DIY tactic involves using a piece of wire, like a paperclip or hairpin, with some glue on the probing end to fish the key out of the lock. As with the tweezer tactic, using wire and glue is an iffy proposition. With this method, you risk both pushing the key deeper into the hole or clogging the keyhole with glue, rendering the lock completely unusable. 

3.Tap, Tap, Smash

If the key breaks in a padlock, your first instinct may be to tap on the side of it to free up the broken piece. But most people repeatedly tap on the lock in vain, and if you tap too hard, you could end up damaging its internal mechanism. Your best option is still to hire a locksmith who has the tools to get the broken piece out in a jiffy.



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