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What Are the Best Commercial Flooring Options? November 2, 2018

Barnesville, Belmont
What Are the Best Commercial Flooring Options? , Barnesville, Ohio

The best flooring for your commercial space offers the practical features essential to your type of work, while also providing aesthetic value. Keep the level of foot traffic in mind as you browse, as well as what type of materials, liquids, and equipment your enterprise uses daily. Your flooring selection should not result in serious maintenance and repair costs.

What Type of Commercial Flooring Do You Need?


Hardwood flooring features a timeless appeal, in addition to hypoallergenic properties. It’s also relatively durable, lasts decades with the right care, and takes little time to maintain. The right finish protects hardwood from scratches and chips, something especially important if your commercial space gets a lot of foot traffic. However, hardwood can sustain serious damage if heavy objects are dropped on it and is susceptible to stains.


flooringVinyl resists stains and scratches with the right treatment to provide high-traffic commercial spaces with long-lasting flooring. It costs less than hardwood and ceramic tile and comes in a range of colors and patterns. Vinyl may also be treated for slip resistance.


Porcelain ceramic tile stands up to heavy foot traffic best; however, it can stain and requires professional cleaning services to maintain. Ceramic is similar to hardwood in that it provides a classic look.


While carpet requires regular vacuuming and deep cleaning to maintain its appearance and avoid allergen buildup, it offers noise-dampening capabilities and feels soft underfoot. It also comes in an endless array of styles, colors, and textures to suit many commercial spaces. Carpet tile is particularly advantageous since badly stained or damaged pieces are easily replaced.


Concrete resists stains, grime, and foot traffic with ease, especially when it’s installed with high-performance coatings that create nonslip, durable surfaces. This commercial flooring is also easy to maintain—thanks to its ability to resist spills.


Flag Floors of Barnesville provides Belmont County, OH with the highest quality carpet, vinyl, ceramic, tile, and hardwood flooring options to outfit their homes and businesses. Purchase the flooring you need and rent the equipment to install it while enjoying professional maintenance tips from a friendly staff. Call (740) 425-3344 with any questions, or visit their website for more information about their services.