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5 Unique Advantages of Going to Trade School October 17, 2018

Long Island City, Queens
5 Unique Advantages of Going to Trade School, Queens, New York

Building a career in America is often thought to be something that requires, at the minimum, a four-year college education. But in reality, many people can advance professionally and develop rewarding, high-paying careers by attending a trade school. Unlike a traditional university, trade schools are designed to give you in-depth training of a specific practice—such as electrical engineering or plumbing—in a relatively short span of time. To learn more about why this educational option may be the right fit for you, check out these five unique benefits.

5 Reasons to Consider Technical School

1. Save Time

Many trade schools accept students several times throughout the year, allowing you to bypass the long application—and possible rejection—processes of universities. What’s more, many budding professionals are able to complete trade school programs in less than two years. Not only will this streamlined approach help you enter the job market faster, but it will also allow you to spend less money on tuition.

2. Practical Instruction  

Trade schools differ from university programs in that classes are typically taught by working professionals who have in-depth experience with the material. Rather than taking a lecture-based approach, these instructors teach students through hands-on exercises, allowing them to gain practical knowledge of their new field.

3. Access to Advanced Tools

trade schoolWhen you plan on starting a technical career, understanding how to use the latest industry tools is critical. However, locating these tools can be difficult and incredibly expensive to purchase on your own. In trade school, you’ll have access to high-quality equipment that you can learn on. This experience will allow you to work for many different employers with ease.  

4. Networking  

While the priority of going to a trade school is to master new technical abilities, you’ll also have the advantage of working with like-minded colleagues. Whether studying or working together on projects, connecting with fellow classmates will allow you to build a trusted network of professionals—well before you enter the job market.

5. Job Placement

Many employers turn to trade schools for hiring purposes, as they know graduating students will have an in-depth knowledge of the skills they need. As such, technical schools offer career services to assist you through the job placement process by helping you refine your professionalism and discover employers.


If you’re looking to advance your future through trade school instruction, turn to Berk Trade and Business School in Long Island City, NY. For more than seven decades, this ACCSC-accredited institution has helped emerging professionals master the skills necessary to become skilled electricians and plumbers. And thanks to their small class sizes, affordable rates, and qualified instructors, you can expect to gain a comprehensive education that will prepare you to take on a new technical career. To learn more about these adult education programs, visit this school online. For questions about enrollment, call (718) 729-0909.

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