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Assisted Living Frequently Asked Questions October 18, 2018

Northwest Travis, Travis County
Assisted Living Frequently Asked Questions, Northwest Travis, Texas

If you are increasingly concerned about an aging loved one living alone, it is time to research assisted living options. Senior care used to consist mainly of nursing homes; however, there are many options with varying levels of care available today, including senior living communities that bustle with activity. Below are answers to common questions about assisted living to give you a better idea of what to expect.

FAQ About Assisted Living

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living provides seniors access to caregivers and medical staff when they need it without sacrificing their independent lifestyle. Residents can come and go as they like and receive visitors whenever they want in addition to enjoying amenities and services such as weekly housekeeping, internet cafes, swimming pools, weekly linen service, fitness and business centers, and even day spas.

Are There Medical Professionals On-Site?

Many communities employ highly skilled nursing staffs ready to offer a comprehensive variety of services, including occupational, speech, physical, and intravenous therapies, and audiology and dental care among many others. Both short-term rehabilitation and long-term care are available depending on what your loved one needs.

assisted livingWill My Loved One Be Bored?

Assisted living communities provide residents with a range of ways to fill their days, including art and recreational activities, libraries, meditation rooms, club rooms, and theaters in addition to fitness centers and day spas. Your loved one will enjoy an active lifestyle easily customizable to their interests.

Do They Require Long-Term Contracts?

Contracts vary by community, with most offering month-to-month and other short-term options in addition to annual agreements. This provides residents and their families with choices that suit their needs.


Longhorn Village is the luxury assisted living community proudly serving Travis County, TX. A medical staff is on-site to provide residents with the care they need, and there is no shortage of fantastic services and amenities to take advantage of. Call (512) 266-5600 for more information about this exceptional community, and visit their website to learn more about their history. Keep up with the latest community news and events on Facebook.

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