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3 Tips for Lowering Your Humidity October 11, 2018

Springfield, Erie
3 Tips for Lowering Your Humidity, Springfield, Pennsylvania

Humidity has a larger effect than just making residents of a home less comfortable. It can also warp any wood present, create a breeding ground for mold, and even attract pests. With some do-it-yourself adjustments and the help of a skilled HVAC contractor, there are several ways you can get your humidity levels down. 

3 Ways to Minimize Humidity in the House

1. Seal Duct Leaks

One of the ways you can lower your humidity is by having your HVAC contractor investigate your ductwork for leaks. If there are even the slightest holes, it can provide a route for air to both come in and out. While escaping air will decrease the efficiency of your machines and raise your bills, there will also be incoming humid air sources from the damp crawl space. By plugging the holes, damp air won’t be disseminated throughout the house. 

2. Add Vent Fans

HVAC contractorThe vents present in your kitchen and bathrooms are typically some of the most stagnant regions in a home. Steam from cooking or the shower tends to linger in those cramped chambers, creating a high amount of humidity. Once an HVAC contractor installs vent fans, you can dispel these moist zones with cool air. 

3. Invest in a Dehumidifier

Another approach is to attack the problem head-on and set up a dehumidifier in your house. The unit will extract excess water from the air until it reaches the point at which you’re most comfortable. By easily adjusting the settings, you can personally regulate how humid or not your home will become. 


If your home has been feeling overly humid lately, it’s time to reach out to a respected HVAC contractor at Adams Heating & Cooling in Erie County, PA. In business since 1998, the heating and cooling system experts will help you devise a strategy to battle the wet air. To schedule an appointment with the heating contractor, call (814) 922-7786, or visit their website to learn more about their services.