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Why Do Brown Patches Appear on Lawns? November 14, 2018

Eldersburg, Carroll
Why Do Brown Patches Appear on Lawns?, Eldersburg, Maryland

Brown patches leave otherwise-lush lawns looking sparse and unhealthy. They are most prevalent on Kentucky Bluegrass, Bermuda, Centipede, ryegrass, Bent, and St. Augustine species, and occur for a variety of reasons. Learn the most common brown patch causes to adjust your lawn maintenance schedule as necessary.

Why Are There Brown Patches on My Lawn?

1. Pet Urine

Dog urine contains high amounts of nitrogen, salt, and other compounds that leave brown spots on beautiful lawns. The nitrogen and salt burn the blades and can even interfere with soil health if the urine is too acidic or alkaline. Both male and female dog urine burns grass.

2. Lack of Water

Brown patches could be as simple as a lack of water. Most lawn maintenance programs suggest providing grass with one inch of water per week; however, if your region has been in a drought or your grass species requires more water, increase the weekly hydration to refresh and reinvigorate your lawn.

3. Thatch

lawn maintenanceDead grass combined with leaves and other organic matter form suffocating thatch patches on your lawn. Without proper aeration and fertilization, thatches kill underlying grass because their root systems are not receiving enough sunlight, water, oxygen, and other nutrients.

4. Incorrect Mowing

Mowing your grass too low leaves it vulnerable to disease and overly-dry soil, while dull mower blades rip rather than cut. Grass with ripped tips dries out faster than those with clean breaks.

5. Brown Patch Lawn Disease

A common, quick-acting fungus, brown patch lawn disease affects turf during mid to late summer when conditions are hot and humid. It mainly injures cool season grasses, such as tall fescue and ryegrass, but can easily damage warm season grasses, such as St. Augustine. Patches appear as irregular circles.

6. Chemical Spills

Too much nitrogen-based fertilizer burns grass, resulting in patches. Other chemical spills also leave lawn sections brown and dead, including gasoline, kerosene, herbicide, and pesticide-based spills.


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