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4 Benefits of Adding a Mirrored Wall in Your Home November 28, 2018

Spring Valley, Rockland County
4 Benefits of Adding a Mirrored Wall in Your Home, Spring Valley, New York

One surefire and easy way to transform a closed-in, dark room is by adding a mirrored wall. The combination of light and reflection can instantly open up the space. If you’ve been thinking about innovative ways to renovate a living room or bedroom, here are several reasons to consider incorporating custom mirrors.

4 Reasons Your Home Needs a Mirrored Wall

1. Creates More Brightness

A dim or poorly lit room can dampen the entire decor. By adding a beautiful mirrored wall, the space is immediately illuminated. That’s because the mirror’s reflection creates a prism of light beams. Positioning a custom mirror design across from windows will also provide a boost to natural light.

2. Expands the Space

Turn a cramped apartment or a room with limited square footage into a bigger area with an amazing mirrored wall. Interior designers use this popular technique to make small spaces appear bigger than they actually are. You can also provide depth to other tight quarters such as hallways and breakfast nooks by positioning custom mirrors side by side.

3. Amplifies Decor

custom mirrors What better way to show off a stunningly decorated room than with a mirrored wall? The reflection will highlight vibrant paint shades on adjacent walls. Hardwood floors, plush carpeting, alluring furniture, and artwork will stand out in the spotlight thanks to their mirrored companions.

4. Becomes the Focal Point

You can also make a mirrored wall the star attraction in the room. Working with a custom mirror designer, there are a wide variety of shapes, sizes, frames and adornments to create a captivating focal point. By building the aesthetic around your mirrored centerpiece, you will have a multitude of style possibilities to implement.


A blank wall is the perfect canvas for a gorgeous mirror. Let the design specialists at Monsey Glass in Spring Valley, NY, help bring your vision to life. For more than 50 years, the locally-owned firm has been the area’s premier manufacturer of charming and innovative custom mirrors. To get started on designing your mirrored wall, call (845) 352-2200 for a friendly consultation. Visit the website to learn more about the full suite of services. For your convenience, the company serves Rockland, northern Bergen, Orange, and Westchester counties, in addition to New York City. You can also check them out on Facebook and Google to read customer reviews and write one yourself.

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