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How to Maintain Your Car Based on Its Mileage November 5, 2018

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How to Maintain Your Car Based on Its Mileage, Kannapolis, North Carolina

Routine auto maintenance is essential to keep your vehicle in its best condition. Regular upkeep also helps it run at peak performance and allows you to prevent potential issues from worsening beyond repair. While you should always refer back to your owner’s manual, here’s a brief breakdown of what maintenance you should perform at different mileage intervals.

A Guide on Auto Maintenance by Mileage

1. Under 15,000 Miles

You should be inspecting your tires, lights, and wipers frequently for any damage no matter how many miles you’ve racked up on your vehicle. When your vehicle reaches 3,000 miles, have its oil and oil filter changed to eliminate debris, dirt, and carbon, which strain your engine and decrease its fuel efficiency. Check fluid levels and top off as needed.

2. 15,000 to 30,000 Miles

Every 15,000 miles, replace the air filter on your engine, especially if you park or drive often in dirty, dusty, or smog-heavy environment. Clogged filters affect proper airflow, causing your engine to work harder than necessary. Change your fuel filters, but have them inspected first by a mechanic. Before exceeding the 30,000-mile mark, check the coolant, radiator, HVAC, and transmission systems for any issues.

3. 35,000 to 50,000 Miles

auto maintenanceTest the battery for charge and swap it out as needed. When your vehicle clocks in 40,000 miles, inspect the suspension and ignition system, replacing the spark plugs and wire if they’ve burned out. A quality set of brake pads usually lasts 50,000 miles, so have yours checked and replaced to be safe.

4. Every 60,000 Miles

For auto maintenance at this point, you should change or resurface your rotors and refill brake fluids. Check the levels of coolant, power steering, and transmission fluids, and top them off as necessary. Flush out or replace contaminated fluids when operational problems start cropping up.        

5. Before 90,000 Miles

Prior to reaching the 90,000-mile mark, inspect the radiator hoses and timing belts for any signs of cracks, replacing them as needed to avoid sudden breakdowns and costly repairs. Have the HVAC, ignition, and suspension systems inspected for potential issues as well.


Keeping up with routine auto maintenance is the key to your vehicle’s longevity and efficiency. For excellent service that will help extend your car’s life, trust the auto mechanics at Brothers Tire Sales. Since 1959, they’ve consistently provided top-notch vehicle work – from brake repair to oil changes – to customers in Kannapolis, NC. They also offer a vast selection of tires from trusted brands. To schedule a service, get in touch through (704) 933-2203 or check out their website for more service details.

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