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A Guide to Speaking With Parents About Moving October 8, 2018

Makakilo - Kapolei - Honokai Hale, Ewa
A Guide to Speaking With Parents About Moving, Ewa, Hawaii

There comes a time when the decision to move and downsize arises for aging people living in a home too big for them. If you want to approach aging parents about relocating to a safer, more appropriate home, you may be wondering how to bring up such a sensitive topic. Here are a few tips for discussing moving in a caring manner.

How to Talk About Moving With Aging Parents


Timing is everything when broaching the conversation about moving out of a family home. When your parents have lived in the same place for decades, raised children there, and made memories with their loved ones, it’s difficult to leave that comfort.

Plan your conversation for a time when circumstances support your perspective. For example, help them with chores and repairs around the house and acknowledge any areas that may need extensive, costly work. Without sounding like you’re reprimanding them, bring up concerns about their time and money being spent on the house. Suggest turning their equity in the property into a profit with which they can retire.


movingIf your parents have health or mobility concerns, discuss ways to make their living space safer. Show them which upgrades would need to be installed to make the property safe. Suggest that moving to a smaller location or retirement home with built-in safety features, such as rails and tub seats, would be better.

Acknowledge how difficult moving out of a home can be. Let your parents express their concerns about leaving the place in which they are most comfortable, but follow up with questions about what they’d need if they were to move. Which amenities and necessities would they like in a new space?

Once you have their list, explore potential senior living areas that fit their criteria and take them on tours. Let them be a part of the decision-making. Seeing the space and how it will make their day-to-day routine easier will make the idea of moving much more palatable.


Once your parents have decided to relocate to a safer, more convenient home, trust Aloha International Moving Services to get them there. As Oahu’s choice for moving and relocating, the FIDI-FAIM certified company will safely transport all belongings. They even offer packing services and storage facilities to make the process stress-free. Call (808) 682-2500 or visit them online to request an estimate.