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3 Tips to Comfort Your Pet When They Lose a Companion October 15, 2018

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3 Tips to Comfort Your Pet When They Lose a Companion, Springfield, Ohio

When one of your animals passes away, you could be concerned about your other animals that they had a close bond with. Symptoms of depression, such as inactivity, loss of appetite, and changes in sleeping patterns, can be worrying, especially if they persist. Below are three pieces of advice to help your animal when they’re grieving, from pet keepsakes to exercise.

Comforting Your Pet After the Loss of a Companion

1. Keep the Same Routine

Animals, like children, thrive better when they have comforting, familiar routines. When their companion animal passes away, one aspect of their daily routine has been changed, and making too many more changes to it could cause unnecessary distress. Having pet keepsakes or items that belonged to your other pet—such as a blanket or toy—could add a layer of familiarity to their environment as well, and placing one near your pet’s bed may help them sleep.

2. Do More Activities

pet keepsakesWhile pet keepsakes that smell like your other animal may help, one of the best things you can do for your grieving pet is to keep them busy. Pets that show symptoms of anxiety can benefit from more exercise. Take them on more walks, have short training sessions to teach or better their tricks and obedience skills, and play with them more at home. Be sure that you make it part of your routine, or you could reinforce negative behavior.

3. Don’t Reinforce Negative Behavior

Though your instinct may be to lavish your hurting animal with love, affection, and treats, this could worsen the issue. Any time you give them an unexpected treat, a new toy, or extra attention in response to them showing signs of depression or anxiety, your animal will know that it’s in connection to that behavior. This could lead to them displaying those negative behaviors—like whining, barking, or not eating—in an attempt to get treats, toys, or attention.


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