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How Long Do Truck Tires Last? October 8, 2018

Clifton Springs, Ontario
How Long Do Truck Tires Last?, Clifton Springs, New York

Truck tires help transport commercial trucks of all types from one location to another. They outfit vehicles weighing over 10,000 GVW — Gross Vehicle Weight — and are designed to go the distance, as they endure for thousands of miles before getting retreaded for further use. These tires typically last between 25,000 and 50,000 miles and break down at a faster rate based on various factors.

What Causes Truck Tires to Disintegrate at a Quicker Rate?

Tire & Truck Type

truck tiresQuality tires from renowned brands, routinely recommended by commercial truck repair professionals, last longer than cheaply made products. Do your research and keep the desired type of tire in mind as you browse.

Summer tires, for example, are designed exclusively for warm weather. Their tread easily accommodates dry and wet road conditions but lose performance and safety capabilities when they are driven on cold, icy surfaces. Performance tires increase your handling on challenging terrain but do not do well in winter. All-season tires drive on any road conditions thanks to detailed tread design.

Also, take the truck type into consideration when you are selecting tires. The bigger and more demanding the vehicle, the more stress truck tires face. Hence, durability and optimal tread should be a priority for bigger vehicles.

Frequency of Use

How often you use your commercial truck impacts how long its tires will last. Consistent use over long distances increases the breakdown process, especially if the truck tires are always on rough or otherwise-difficult terrain. Conversely, storing your commercial vehicle in a cold environment for a lengthy period also promotes premature disintegration. This is because the truck tires are subject to temperature fluctuations that cause blistering and cracking.


Any vehicle’s tires require rotating on a regular basis to prevent uneven wear. Front tires always wear out faster because they do more turning; without regular rotating, they lose their tread quickly. Routine rotation as well as other maintenance — such as checking and adjusting the air pressure consistently — help your truck tires provide a smooth, comfortable ride for many hours on the road. Underinflation increases road contact to create more heat, friction, and damage.


Keep your truck tires in outstanding condition with services from C L Enterprises. A truck, trailer, and tire facility serving Upstate New York for nearly 20 years, this premier center blends unmatched commercial truck repairs with the highest-quality products and effortless customer service. Semi-truck roadside assistance is also available. Call (585) 289-7900 to schedule service today, or learn more about their services online. Like the Facebook page for the latest company tips and updates.

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