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The No Good Title June 9, 2015

Louisville, Jefferson
The No Good Title, Louisville, Kentucky

Its pretty wild. The Whole ordeal. I've done a lot of work with corporate masterminds and under the table work with untouchables. Meeting myself in the middle and deciding to take that step to manage my own business just months before getting married. I'm tieing knots, taking leaps of faith and encouraging myself to meet new challenges with a backpack full of gear and an cloudspace full of background. As if wading through hardship were my own personal military experience (I'm not a vet by the way); I've just traveled and worked in a plethera of conditions, meeting both lax and strict deadlines with good and poor tools available, solid and loose information alike.

I've readied myself to take on the next stage, I'm ready to address the need, wherever it takes me. Its not just about money, its about Grasping the Calling.

So I welcome anyone to look about my work and decide if Video Marketing is for you. If your business is doing good, but could be doing better, thats where I bring my experience to the table to help you take that next step for yourself. 

My current value ($) is reasonable and investing in yourself shouldn't take too much thought; because I'll invest in you.

I always refer to one of my favorite simple quotes:

"When you want to Succeed as bad as you want to Breathe, then you will be Successful" ~ Eric Thomas

My Eric Thomas Story-

(I met Eric Thomas in 2012 while covering FBU in Dublin, OH; I was working with my colleague William Warfield of Prepspin. Moments before he went on stage he comes back to the stage based control center and hands up an iPad with his speech slides. His iPad was locked with a code, and his Keynote App was not compatible with our systems due to needing software updated. Of course his Agent had not thought to get this info from him, and Eric Thomas was already backstage on the other side of a huge gymnasium full of parents and waves-upon-waves of young aspiring pro-football players. I was the only person on the staff who knew his way around an iPad. All his info was in the Cloud; pass locked and linked to his iPhone with permission requests, email pass locked, dropbox locked down tight and all sorts of other jargon. So I ended up going through a wild process that had me friend myself on Facebook, accepted via phone. His whole presentation was not going over Facebook and the wifi wasn't great in this gym with all these people and all these online streaming devices going at once. I took a screenshot of his "Quote" above. I saved to pictures and sent to myself over Facebook one at a time and emailed them to my colleague who then moments after Eric Thomas takes the stage popped it into his powerpoint presentation to accommodate what was taking place on stage at this point. I repeated this process as fast as possible for as many slides as I could. We literally set the pace for Eric Thomas's speech that day.

I've not had the opportunity to cover FBU events in the past 3 years due to other obligations, but I still remember some of the tactics used, people met, and other experiences had.

IF you're looking for a motivational speaker to cover large scale events though, I'd look into Eric Thomas. His story is pretty wild and I've incorporated some of his experience/teaching into my own life.