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How Regular Dry Cleaning Services Preserve Your Clothes October 8, 2018

Kips Bay, Manhattan
How Regular Dry Cleaning Services Preserve Your Clothes, Manhattan, New York

Whether you have a wardrobe full of business suits or brand-name dresses, fashion is an investment. Without routine care and maintenance, they will wear out quickly, which is why you shouldn’t neglect proper laundering practices. Here, is everything you need to know about how dry cleaning services can prolong the life of your clothing.

How Does Professional Dry Cleaning Work?

dry cleaning serviceDry cleaning services clean clothes with a chemical solvent rather than water. This preserves delicate fabrics that can easily degrade when washed at home. When you take your clothes to a professional dry cleaning service, they’ll first inspect your garments for stains. These stains will then be safely removed before the clothing is washed. The clothing will then be washed in a machine using a water-free solvent; this will loosen the dirt from the garment and remove oil-based stains. Last, the garments will be steamed and pressed, then put on a hanger until the customer arrives to pick it up.

How Does It Prolong the Life of My Clothing?

One of the main benefits of dry cleaning is that it is a gentler process than at-home washing and can protect the color and brightness of your clothing. Natural and expensive fibers like wool and silks can also become distorted when washed in water; however, dry cleaning prevents them from shrinking. Professional dry cleaners also have the expertise to clean a full range of fabrics, which means they will safely handle the articles of clothing you bring in and will protect your investment.


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