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Vehicle Maintenance Guide for First-Time Owners October 8, 2018

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Vehicle Maintenance Guide for First-Time Owners, Meriden, Connecticut

Regardless of the type of vehicle you plan to purchase, it is a significant investment that requires care and attention. If it’s your first time owning a car, and you don’t want to become a frequent visitor of an auto repair shop, you need to learn how to maintain it properly. Here is a quick guide to keeping your prized vehicle in top condition.

4 Maintenance Tips for First-Time Car Owners

1. Read the Owner’s Manual

You can find all the critical vehicle care information you need inside the owner’s manual that the manufacturer provides. This handbook contains everything from how frequent the car needs servicing to what type of motor oil is recommended and how much air pressure — PSI — your tires should have.

2. Check Your Tires

The tires auto repair shopare one of the most critical parts of your vehicle. Their condition does not only affect your comfort, but it also plays a huge role in how much control you have over the car and how much fuel you consume while driving. As such, you need to make sure that you inflate them to the correct PSI and that there are no visible damages.

3. Have It Serviced

Most — if not all — experts recommend that you undergo routine maintenance at an auto repair shop. This process usually includes diagnostics, oil change, wheel alignment and balancing, battery check, and testing of all major components to ensure that they’re functioning correctly. This service is necessary every six to 12 months, depending on the mileage.

4. Top Off Fluids

While the engine, transmission, and cooling systems are designed to be sealed, vehicle fluids often need to be checked and refilled after several months of use. These include the motor oil, coolant, transmission, battery, and wiper fluids. You don’t even have to go to an auto repair shop to have them inspected, as their reservoirs are easily accessible.


If your car needs a tune-up or oil change, drop by Safe Auto Service in Meriden, CT. This trusted auto repair shop has been providing excellent service to vehicle owners in Wallingford, Middletown, Cheshire, Middlefield, Berlin, Southington, and Durham for over 35 years. Give them a call at (203) 237-4311 for inquiries, or visit their website to learn more about them.

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