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3 Dating Tips from Your Executive Matchmaker October 8, 2018

Greenway - Upper Kirby, Houston
3 Dating Tips from Your Executive Matchmaker, Houston, Texas

When you’re looking for someone to fall in love with, an executive matchmaker can help put you in touch with the people most likely to appeal to you. But from there, making dating successful is all about you and your match. Here are a few strategies to make the most out of the opportunities your dating service gives you.

How to Improve Your Dates

1. Respect Your Partner’s Time

Executive MatchmakerYou’re both successful, professional people with plenty of activities on your plate. For this reason, it’s important not to waste one another’s time. Communicate and answer calls promptly, don’t be late to your dates, and avoid canceling or rescheduling if at all possible; this will show your partner you’re respectful and considerate.

2. Talk About Things Other Than Work

Even if your date is passionate about their job, there is more to them than work. Ask about their favorite hobbies, entertainment, and places to travel. You can talk about friends, movies, books, childhood memories, and other topics that show who they are outside the office. Additionally, if your date asks about your position, try not to unload your job stresses on them.

3. Don’t Play Games

There’s a lot of outdated dating advice which treats relationships like a game you can win or lose. But no one appreciates being played with in this way. Your best approach is to be open and honest about your feelings and about what you want from your relationships. There is someone out there with the same goals and aspirations.


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