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Why Should You Test Your Residential Water System? October 1, 2018

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Why Should You Test Your Residential Water System?, Oconto Falls, Wisconsin

If you have a well and residential water system, you have a reliable supply of inexpensive, fresh water—but only as long as the well is in good condition. Unfortunately, groundwater can become contaminated with chemicals or clogged with bacteria and algae, making it unsafe to drink. For this reason, regular well inspections, complete with water testing, are a necessary part of owning a residential water system and well. Here are a few of the benefits.

Identify Potential Problems

Residential Water SystemFrom bacteria which cause stomach ailments to pesticides that contribute to long-term, serious diseases, there are a number of potential threats to your health from a poorly maintained well. While some of these make themselves apparent up front, others are silent threats that you need to watch for carefully and treat as soon as they arise.

Track Changes

Over time, as you test the water in your well, you might begin to notice patterns and cycles in its composition. This can give your well company information about any current issues your system is facing and its potential future performance. This way, the well company can help you plan ahead for better maintenance and care.

Verify Treatment

If your well has previously experienced an issue which was treated with various remediation strategies, follow-up testing is the best way to learn whether those strategies have worked as intended. This way, you can be sure your well is fully recovered or make decisions about the next step to handle an ongoing problem.


For water quality testing and well drilling in Oconto County, WI, choose Luisier Drilling. Based in Oconto Falls, this family-owned and -operated drilling company has served the region for over 80 years, creating commercial and residential water systems you can rely on—with a 10-year warranty. To schedule a visit, call them at (920) 848-5239, or visit them online to learn more about their services.

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