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The Pet Hale is a locally owned & operate pet shop in Hawaii. They offer pet adoption as well as pet supplies & accessories.

Which Food Is Best for Your Puppy? October 8, 2018

Mililani - Waipio - Melemanu, Ewa
Which Food Is Best for Your Puppy?, Ewa, Hawaii

If you’re lucky enough to own a dog, you know what it’s like to never want to settle for less than the best. After all, your puppy is a cherished part of the family. Therefore, the essential aspects of life you provide them with—food, shelter, exercise, and affection—have to be top-quality. Instead of settling for subpar kibble, consider the following reasons why NutriSource® Dog Food takes home the win. 

3 Reasons to Choose NutriSource Dog Foods for Your Puppy

1. Nutritional Density

Many dog foods are made with fillers, ingredients that seem to make your dog’s meals look bigger and fill their bellies, but lack any nutritional value. NutriSource Dog Foods are free of fillers like corn, wheat, rice, and animal byproducts, so your pet will have more energy to spend playing with you.

2. Digestive Healing

puppiesSince your dog likely eats the same food every day, you need to be thoughtful about what you choose for them. NutriSource Dog Food is proudly grain-free, which improves gut health, so your puppy can live a longer, healthier life. This shift will also minimize their gas and help them make consistent, healthy bowel movements.

3. Disease Prevention

As a family-owned company that understands how much owners love their pets, NutriSource knows that, in addition to living a healthy life, you also want your pooch to live a long one. That’s why they include Good 4 Life supplements in every bag to strengthen your dog’s immune system and keep diseases at bay. It also allows your dog’s body to absorb nutrients easier, so they have the fuel to fight any illnesses that arise.


If you’re looking for a dog food that won’t disappoint, turn to the professionals at The Pet Hale of Mililani, HI, for help. All the puppies waiting for a permanent home under their roof are fed NutriSource Dog Food, and as another family-owned business, they relate to this company’s tried-and-true values. They even offer a frequent buyer card program, so you can get one free bag for every 12 purchased in a year. For more information about the pet shop, visit the website or call (808) 696-1083 today.

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