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Why Dual Compartment Septic Tanks Are Beneficial October 31, 2018

Powers, Cass
Why Dual Compartment Septic Tanks Are Beneficial , Powers, Minnesota

Septic tanks play an essential role in wastewater treatment for properties that aren’t connected to a municipal sewage system. When wastewater leaves a home, it goes into the tank where solids are separated, broken down, and stored before the effluent flows out to the drainfield. Traditionally, septic systems have been constructed with single compartment tanks, but it has become increasingly popular to use a dual compartment tank. Below is some insight into why this is beneficial. 

Why You Should Consider Installing a Dual Compartment Septic Tank 

Better Solids Removal & Improved Effluent Quality

In single compartment septic tanks, there is still a good chance for solids that haven’t fully decomposed to spill out into the drainfield. Having a second compartment provides an extra treatment area to settle solids and break down more of the waste. The vertical wall is positioned in a way that septic tankhelps to trap solids more effectively, thus, allowing for clearer effluent flow and better protection of the drainfield. 

Save Money

A dual compartment septic tank will hold substantially more wastewater than one with only a single compartment. This means it won’t need to be pumped as often, which will reduce maintenance costs. Also, without the additional space for solids to go through another purification process, the overflow of contaminated effluent will eventually cause drainfield plugging and failure. In turn, property owners may end up with high cleanup and repair expenses. 


If you are preparing to install a new septic system or upgrade your existing one, it’s worth considering the advantages of a dual compartment septic tank. The professionals at Northland Septic Maintenance can help you choose the right tank for your property and keep it in good condition for years to come. Offering more than 20 years of industry experience, they are equipped to provide residents in and around Backus, MN with a range of high quality residential and commercial septic services. Call (888) 454-4999 to discuss your tank options, or visit them online to learn more about getting a new installation or replacement. 



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