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3 Reasons Your Child Should Learn a Second Language October 12, 2018

Williamsburg, Brooklyn
3 Reasons Your Child Should Learn a Second Language, Brooklyn, New York

Although many children throughout the country are exposed to foreign languages at home, others get a brief introduction in school later. Signing children up for language-based gifted and talented programs at a young age will help them find success both in and out of the classroom. Below are a few reasons youngsters should start learning second languages as soon as possible.

3 Ways Young Children Benefit From Learning Foreign Languages

1. Build Cultural Awareness

In gifted and talented programs focused on foreign languages, youngsters often learn more about the world around them. Kids are exposed to music, stories, cuisine, and traditions of the people who speak those languages. Presenting lessons in a fun way makes it easier for youngsters to make associations when learning unfamiliar words. These opportunities early in life will help your child become more interested in traveling and learning about the world later.  

2. Improve Test Scores & Report Card Grades

Brooklyn-New-York-gifted-and-talentedDuring early childhood development, kids’ brains are like sponges. They learn social cues, words, and actions simply by examining what happens around them. It will be much easier for children to grasp basic words and phrases in a language-based gifted and talented class early on than learning more complex lessons in school later. Kids also develop memorization and study skills to master foreign languages. They can apply these techniques to other subjects to become better students.

3. Become More Desirable in the Workforce 

In the modern age, businesses in various industries have offices all over the world and cater to clients on every continent. Being bilingual will help your child stand out to potential employers in future job searches. Managers will be more inclined to hire a candidate who already knows how to communicate with prospective clients around the world and assist the company with reaching its goals. 


If you are interested in enrolling your child in a gifted and talented program to learn a second language, contact FasTracKids/JEI Learning Center. The educators at this local learning center provide youngsters throughout the New York Metropolitan area with Spanish, English, and math tutoring, so they can succeed in school. To learn more about gifted and talented offerings and program deals in Brooklyn, call (347) 987-4450 or visit them online

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