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3 Tips for Keeping Your Lungs Healthy & Strong October 15, 2018

3 Tips for Keeping Your Lungs Healthy & Strong, Sublimity, Oregon

October is Healthy Lung Month, which serves as a reminder for everyone to consider how their lifestyle could be affecting their respiratory system. It’s common knowledge that smoking is bad for your lungs, but do you know what other habits and environmental factors could be affecting your health? Here are just a few preventive care tips that pulmonology experts advise everyone to follow for optimum respiratory health.

How to Keep Your Lungs Healthy 

1. Exercise Daily

Participating in at least some aerobic exercise every day will increase your overall lung capacity. This will ensure your respiratory system is as efficient as possible and can contribute to the health of other systems in your body, like the circulatory system

2. Practice Deep Breathing 

pulmonologyDeep breathing is well-known for its psychological benefits, like reducing stress and anxiety, but few people realize it has physical benefits, as well. Practicing deep-breathing exercises will often clear the lungs and facilitate an efficient exchange of oxygen within the body. This will strengthen your lungs gradually and prevent you from getting winded as easily. 

3. Avoid Pollutants 

Secondhand smoke, exhaust, dust, mold, and pet dander can damage the lungs over time. All airborne pollutants can irritate the lungs, and some can even cause serious health conditions. To minimize exposure to various pollutants, follow all safety precautions when dealing with toxins, keep your home smoke-free, avoid synthetic air fresheners, and stay inside when outdoor air quality is at its lowest. 


If you need pulmonology care in Oregon, turn to the compassionate providers at Santiam Hospital. Serving patients throughout mid-Willamette Valley, OR, they diagnose and treat everything from asthma and bronchitis to dyspnea and pneumonia. Led by Dr. John Silver, their pulmonology services include both inpatient and outpatient care. Regardless of your particular respiratory issue, you can rely on receiving specialized care during every stage of treatment. To learn more about their pulmonology department, visit their website, or call (503) 769-2175 to schedule an appointment. 

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