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What's the Difference Between Vintage & Antique? November 9, 2018

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What's the Difference Between Vintage & Antique?, Brighton, New York

The terms vintage and antique are used to describe items from the past, and while sometimes these words are used interchangeably, they do not mean the same thing. To better understand the difference between an antique and a vintage piece, here is a basic breakdown.

Antique vs. Vintage: What’s the Difference?


Typically, items more than a century old are considered an antique. These pieces offer both historical significance as well as artistic or creative importance for the industry in which they were made. The value of an antique item usually lasts through decades, gaining more worth as years progress. While antiques can be repaired, their total restoration percentage must be less than half. In addition, the original feel of the piece must be maintained.

Some antique shops don’t hold to the century marker when assigning the term “antique” to an item. Some dealers choose to go the two generation route, making 80 years the amount of time necessary to call something an antique. Generally speaking, however, it’s safe to stick with the 100-year definition. 


antiqueVintage has a few different accepted meanings, but the loosest definition implies that the item is of a fashion that was popular in a different era. In most cases, “vintage” is used to describe an item that is representative of a predominant style of a certain period, such as clothes and dishware from the 1960s or old toys from the 1950s. Vintage items are less than 100 years old (but more than 20 to 30 years old), typically carry a nostalgic value, and are potentially worth a lot of money. 

The term “vintage” was originally derived from the dating of a bottle of wine. If the vintage year was a good one for grapes, then it indicated the wine was of high quality. Because of this, vintage items actually date something. If an item is labeled “vintage,” it should technically state the year or era in which it was produced. 


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