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Which Pillow Is Best for Your Sleeping Style? November 12, 2018

Mason, Warren
Which Pillow Is Best for Your Sleeping Style?, Mason, Ohio

If you find yourself tossing and turning at night, your pillow could be to blame. While quality bedding is important no matter how you sleep, certain styles of pillows support sleeping positions better than others. To discover which type is right for you, refer to your preferred sleeping style below.

The Best Pillows According to Your Sleeping Position

1. Side Sleepers

pillowsIf you’re among the 70% of people who sleep on their sides, look for a firm or extra-firm pillow. This type will be best-suited to support the alignment of your neck, head, and spine in this position. In terms of thickness, seek a pillow with about 4 inches of height. Any higher and it could cause the head to tilt upward, putting pressure on the neck. A lower drop, however, could strain the shoulders.

2. Back Sleepers

In order to support the natural curve of your neck without propping the head too far up, pillows for back sleepers should be relatively thin with medium firmness. Some people who sleep on their backs prefer to have their heads as far down against the bed as possible, in which case a soft pillow is best. If snoring is a concern, consider propping up the upper half of your body using two or three pillows to keep the airway as free as possible.

3. Stomach Sleepers

The prone position naturally places your face very close to the mattress. To avoid putting pressure on the spine, a very soft pillow which can be scrunched up is best. Down pillows, while ideal for any sleeping position, are particularly favored by stomach sleepers. They allow the head to sink in comfortably, thereby facilitating a comfortable position and minimizing back or neck strain commonly caused by this sleep style.


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