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4 FAQ About Icon® Enamel Infiltration October 26, 2018

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4 FAQ About Icon® Enamel Infiltration, Avon, Ohio

If your child’s pediatric dentist found evidence of pre-cavities during an office visit, you may be wondering what to do next. Conventional treatments usually entail drilling and other uncomfortable procedures, which many kids are put off by. Icon® enamel infiltration is an excellent option, as it can treat pre-cavities in children to ensure they won’t develop into full-blown decay. The following explains this process, so you can determine whether it’s right for your child.

Frequently Asked Questions About Icon® Enamel Infiltration

How does enamel infiltration work?

First, the surface of the tooth is covered with a gel to prep the site of the pre-cavity lesion. Next, a drying agent is applied, which seals up the porous surface of the tooth. The final step involves filling the spot with a specialized resin material. This creates an airtight seal that stops the pre-cavity from developing any further.

Is drilling necessary?

This procedure treats minor dental lesions without the need for drilling. That’s why it’s ideal for young kids, who often develop pre-cavities after braces are removed or as a result of enamel erosion. Your pediatric dentist can determine whether this procedure is right for your child.

Is this procedure painful?

pediatric dentistLittle to no pain or discomfort has been reported when using the Icon treatment. For instance, because there is no drilling there won’t be a need to use an anesthetic injection, which many people find uncomfortable. Additionally, this treatment typically takes a single office visit to perform.

Can Icon be used between the teeth?

The Icon treatment can be adapted to treat lesions found between the teeth. In this case, a dental wedge would be placed in the area to give the pediatric dentist proper access. This is known as proximal treatment and generally patients only experience a bit of pressure when the dental wedge is applied.


Excellent oral hygiene starts with a skilled and caring pediatric dentist. That’s why so many parents in Avon, OH, look to Carolyn B. Crowell, DMD, & Associates for quality dental care suited to kids and teens. The goal is to make sure a child’s first dental visits are pleasant, which is the best way to assure good oral hygiene for life. Dr. Crowell accomplishes this by creating a relaxed and educational atmosphere in her office, especially for kids with dental anxiety or those with special needs. Stop by the website to make sure your child is well prepared for his or her first visit with a kids’ dentist. If you’d like to schedule an appointment, call (440) 934-0149.

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